Desperately Speaking

I’ve already talked about my current bass choices in my previous post. But if in case something happened that would cause me to fail to reach my choices, I would have to settle for even lower end choices. It’s always safe to have a back up plan in life even if you’re never gonna use them.

First of all, I would go for a Squier Vintage Modified ’70’s Jazz Bass as my first choice.

I’ve heard great feedback and reviews about this bass. Don’t let the Squier text in the headstock fool you, most owners of this bass have praised it to play even better than MIM Fenders. To add, because of it’s low price point, a lot players are modifying them such as replacing the tuners, bridge and pickups that in the end make it a great bass for value.

Lastly, my final choice would have to be an SX jazz bass. They’re carried by Rondo Music.

According to the populace of Talkbass, SX (or more commonly known in the community be “Essex”) bass guitars are the holy grail of low priced bass guitars. They offer the most value for any instrument out it the market today. Again according to owners, they are almost on par with MIM Fenders with exception to the neck radius and sometimes hardware. Nonetheless, they’re great instruments that are even available locally in the Philippines after contacting a JB Music representative (though I’ll have to wait till September till their shipment arrives). Because of their low price point, I’m even tempted to buy two of these; the other a Precision bass that would offer more tonal variety than one expensive bass.